Why Aren’t Reverse Cell Phone Searches Free?

As you may know, reverse searches for listed landline numbers are completely free.  The same, however, can’t be said for cell phone numbers.  In fact, any number that’s not publicly listed, like cell phones, is not free to do a reverse search on.  So if you want to find out who owns a particular cell phone number then you have to use a reverse cell phone search through a reverse cell phone directory, which requires you to pay a fee to see the information.

You may think that the only reason they charge you a fee is to make money.  While I’m sure these companies do make a good profit off of this service, this is not the only reason you have to pay.  The reverse cell phone directories get their information from various resources.  In order to get this information for you, they also have to pay for it.  Obviously, they’re not going to lose money on their service, so they have to charge a fee for the information.  Of course, you may still be wondering why anyone has to pay for this information.

Unlike land line telephone numbers, cell phone numbers are kept private from the public.  This is mostly due to how the service is set up.  With a traditional phone number, you’re charged a set monthly fee.  You don’t have to worry about other costs or using too many minutes.  While you may be charged extra for outgoing long distance calls, you don’t have to pay for incoming calls of any kind.  This means that anyone can call you without you getting charged.  It also means that you don’t have to restrict your phone calls based on the amount of minutes you have available.

With cell phones, the opposite is true.  Usually you pay a set amount per month to have a set amount of minutes to use.  These minutes are used whether you call someone or they call you.  Of course, there are plans that you can pay for to have unlimited minutes, but these plans are usually very expensive.  Since cell phone users have to pay for each outgoing or incoming call, it would be a problem to have the numbers publicly available.  You could end up paying or using minutes for telemarketers or prank callers.  This is a large reason why cell phone numbers remain private instead of being listed in public directories and other public databases.

This is why you will be charged a fee if you use a reverse cell phone search.  Of course, you will also get much more information from a reverse cell phone directory than you will with a free reverse phone search.  If you want to know more than the person’s name and address, the extra information you can get is usually worth the money you have to pay.  You should also know that most reverse cell phone directories offer a membership where you pay a one time fee to get unlimited searches for a set period of time.  Most will at least offer a one year membership.  If you plan of performing several searches, this is the best option you have to save a little money.

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